Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday = brunch. Brunch = eggs!

Since it wasn't long ago we were talking about eggs I though I would show you where ours come from.



No. Really. And here:


And they live here:


Looks awful, right? I know. I mean if that isn't free range I don't know what is! Best of all that isn't always their home. They get to explore new places all the time in their summertime mobile roosting unit.

Here it is:


And here they are enjoying the grasses a block or so away from my house (as opposed to the 1/4 of mile or so away, at the farm):


Of course there are always a few "men" around to keep a watchful eye...


Since I know nothing about chickens I'm glad someone around here does and takes care of them so very well. We certainly enjoy their eggs and love to pay them a visit once in a while. Darling baby Eh adores visiting the chickens - but hates that I won't let her pet them. Soon though - the harvest festival with it's mobile petting zoo is almost here!

"The moment you put an animal behind a fence or provide it designated living quarters, you are taking on full responsibility for the life of that animal. If you are a person of conscience, then you want to treat the animal with kindness and concern and care for its comfort and safety. To provide the best care for any animal, one has to realize that nature and instinct, if left to its own devices, can provide the best. There is no way that we can improve upon nature." - Jordanne Dervaes of Path to Freedom

Do you know where your eggs come from? How about another food?

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