Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preserving the harvest: Corn


Corn at the market

Know what's a regular laugh riot? I didn't like tomatoes or corn until about, mmm, yesterday. Ok, I like everything but fresh tomatoes - and I still can't eat them all alone. Corn I always found to be a stuck-between-the-teeth nuisance - then I finally ate it raw! The heavens, they did open! I do like corn after all, just not on the cob, or rather off the cob and in my teeth.


Corn in my kitchen

And so, into the freezer goes the corn. I found a very nice vendor at the farmer's market selling a natural corn with no pesticides. Corn is one of the crops that can be quite difficult to grow without a ton of chemicals, much like apples and berries, so it is nice to find a good producer with a nice product. I ended up with a total of 16 ears in the freezer - a rather odd number. We don't use too much so a few bags will do us for the winter just fine. Someday I would love to try to pickle corn but I didn't get that far - I would love suggestions for recipes if you have any though!


Corn. Ready for the complicated freezer instructions? Ok. Peel husks, stick in bag. Or peel husks, cut off kernels, stick in bag. Admittedly some people prefer to blanch corn before freezing - that is popping it in boiling water for 5 minutes or so, then cooling it quickly in an ice bath. I haven't found too much of a difference. It could be the corn I'm using, but I go with the easiest method since it doesn't seem to impact the end result.


Oooh, freezer bags, my favorite thing to take pictures of!

I ended up freezing a few bags of corn and then 3 ears, broken in halves, for corn on the cob (that's what fit in a bag. Very exact huh?). That's all we really need and no need to overdo it since I still had some when the crops started to be harvested this year.

We've been so lucky with our market goodies lately, but it's time to work on freezing stuff from our garden as well. We just harvested all the carrots and chard. The onions are coming along nicely, as well as the fennel. The potatoes (9 varieties!) are probably about ready to go as well. I'll be doing some planting in a last ditch effort at some fall crops this week as well. Otherwise? Back to market!


How are your gardens coming along? Plant any fall or second crops yet? What did you plant?


homesprout said...

Our corn had been eaten by small slug looking bugs just as it ripened - ick! By the way, 9 varieties of potatoes! We only have two, and we were pretty proud this year:)

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

This summer I have taken an interest in fresh corn. I have used it in a quite a few recipes and will continue to do so. Thanks for your freezer tips so we can keep the corn in our recipes all year long!

L said...

you never cease to amaze me woman! ;-) a new project everyday with you...i don't know how you do it!