Saturday, August 21, 2010

Opportunity awaits!

Oh, the opportunities the weekend does bring...

Opportunities to go to fairs and festivals, to explore your hometown, to venture out for a trip, to talk walks and naps, to indulge in every way. In our case, today involved a little of everything - painting a bathroom, donating stuff to charity, going to a meeting, helping a friend, visiting a fair, some nothing - eating ice cream treats, taking naps, tickling the kid, window shopping, and discovering a whole lot of wonderful in our own backyard!

You know, like myself!


Or this guy:


Usually on the weekends I try to get help with the great declutter of 2010. But then sometimes I get to compare and I don't feel so stressed by it all. Then again, I wouldn't toss any of this cool stuff either!


And if all of that didn't make my little {every}nothing wonderful heart pitter patter enough this sure did!


More on that later though!

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