Sunday, August 8, 2010

Off to the races

The weather has been nice lately. Nice enough that we've been opening all the windows and turned the air conditioner off. With all the windows open every morning is a new cacophony of sounds that might wake you or weasel their way into your dreams. Since Eh has started sleeping later we now wake up more to the sun and less to a toddler crying (or singing, or talking). Yesterday we woke to the sounds of chatter and a pace car racing down our block repeatedly. The races had begun!


Every year professional bike races shut down our streets for a day. Riders of all ages come out to strut their stuff - the kids are my favorite. At the end of the day the pros do their race. Then all returns to normal.


I love cycling. I know it gets a bum rap and their all all sorts of crazy things that go on behind the scenes, but, once you understand what is happening and how it works it's really quite elegant. Slipstreams, peletons, drafting, attacking, sprinters,'s all really interesting (to me).


Ours is a "crit" course (under 5km). The pros race for 75 minutes. The primes (prizes awarded at different points in the race) are everything from cash to gift certificates and then a final cash prize for the winners. For the sake of brevity, here is a good wiki that helps explains how things work for those who are interested.


Really though, it's just fun to watch - and even more fun to have an excuse to stand on your sidewalk and clang a cowbell (or pot) without disturbing your neighbors. Any excuse to ring a cowbell is fine by me!

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