Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Giveaway!


Giveaway time! Someday soon (read: within a year) I'll set up an Etsy shop. Until then, if you see something you want a print of shoot me an email (everynothingwonderful at gmail dot com)! Don't worry, I'm nice!

Since I've had a few requests for prints the giveaway is this - One of the following (no watermarks, of course):
  • A photo of your choosing, be that one I've taken already or one you see down the line, in any size you like up to 8x10.
  • A pack of 5 cards, hand-mounted and signed - Your choice of just one or five different photos.
Either option includes up to three image editing options of your choice (for instance, black and white, sepia, or vintage tone post-processing work).


I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner on August 31st (one week from today). In the meantime you can peruse my Flickr stream to decide what you want! I'm adding new pictures every day. I must apologize though, I put everything in one spot so some of those images are just examples for this blog and not so, um, frameworthy.

If you would like to participate simply put a comment on this post and I'll run a random number generator in a week to let you know who won! Don't forget to include your email if I don't have it already (like I wrote mine above or you might get pesky spammers) so I can let you know you've won!

Happy browsing!


Amber Felix said...

Me, me, me!! Mama needs pictures for her barren living room walls!

Ashley Sisk said...

After Leah's shoutout to you and me, I had to come check you out and don't know why I haven't run across you before. And on top of that, you're doing a giveaway. Well I'd love to have a piece of your artwork...but I'd just love to follow you. I look forward to seeing more.

Tricia said...

Ashley - Leah told me about you for reference when doing her blog. I love your work too! I love your before and afters - the best! Thanks for the follow (and now that I'm logged into the right account I'll add you too! haha)

L said...

add me to the list? ;-)