Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love a lovely package!

I love mail. I love the feel of paper, a well written letter, a pretty stamp. I love boxes that say someone thought of you. I love packages with layers of fluff protecting something small or so well packed they need no extra protection.

That's probably why I love things like Lovely Package, or the like-named, unrelated Lovely Package Flickr Pool.

I received a package the other day - not so lovely on the outside. A simple number ten envelope, my name and address scrawled on the outside, bursting at the seams. The inside? Lovely indeed!

It was a free bag from The Green Bag Lady!


I have to admit - I'm pretty picky about home sewn things. For someone who is absolutely terrible at anything sewing related this is a strange hang-up, I realize. For such a lightweight bag (done for shipping purposes) the sewing is impeccable. Better than anything I have seen or commissioned (since I started doing such things). I'm impressed!


I assume the sewing has something to do with this but, it's strong too!

Sew (hehe, I had to) who or what is Green Bag Lady? As the site says - "I am an artist. I make bags. I will give you a FREE handmade fabric shopping bag at Green Bag Lady events if you promise to use it instead of paper or plastic." You get a free bag, we get less plastic bags being used, we all get a little closer to being responsible in our choices. I like that!


Better yet, if you have random fabric laying around - which, let's face it, many of us do - you can donate it to the project. You get rid of clutter, a green bag gets made and given away and you never know where the pay-it-forward goodness goes from there!

Or, if you have sewing talents, there are patterns on the site for: a shopping bag, a produce bag, or a gift wrap bag!

If you're in MS, ND or TN check out their upcoming events and get a free bag!

I love a lovely package that keeps on being a lovely package for other things, no?

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