Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's the little things...

Isn't it amazing how little, inexpensive things can bring you so much joy and terribly expensive things so much heartache? I act melancholy, I know, but we had to have quite the number of repairs done to my car this week. Instead of lamenting the expenditure I would much rather concentrate on what makes me happy. Of course I could go outside and enjoy the free (well, not exactly) flowers but instead I found joy in our cabinets.

And cows.

We keep many cows in our cabinets. Don't you?

My two favorite pieces right now have a combined grand total cost of less than $4. Little Moo and Little Milk. It's very dairy the things that bring me delight.

Little Moo, enjoying his free range lifestyle

Little moo came to us by way of a hardware store somewhere nestled in Napa Valley. I can't remember where exactly (I'm pretty sure it was in St. Helena, like so much other good stuff). He was sitting among a pile of plates on a bottom shelf and practically lept into my arms while screaming "Moo! Adopt me!" So, of course, I had to! I'm an animal lover, it wouldn't be right to leave him there, motherless. Plus, his adoption rate of about $1.50, was something I could handle.


Home with us he came and was soon united with some of my bigger, full sized cow creamers. I do my best not to buy every cow creamer I find, but that doesn't mean I don't want to. We were limited to white only, no patterns, and only 3, but, I just inherited our first patterned cow creamer, and what might be one of the cow creamers that started it all - my grandmother's.


I blame my cow creamer love affair entirely on my grandmother, who, when I was little, would serve me cereal, in a bowl, with all the milk on the side in a cow shaped creamer. I loved it. I still love it. If I ate cereal more than once a year I might do it for myself. It's a genius idea, really.

Little moo, who barely holds enough for a single cup of coffee or tea is my favorite though. For now.


Fierce competition was recently posed though, for my dairy-obsessed, miniaturized versions of things creamer affair. A little milk bottle. In white, of course. With a lid (so smart!). You have to understand, I am not one for impulse buys much - the waste and the money both bother me, so picking up this $2.50 creamer was a big deal. I love it. There is a bigger version I love too but I'm perfectly content with the small one and again, I love it.

Love is important. If you are going to throw money away it's always better to love the end product. While I love my car I'm beginning to question exactly how much. Oh if only we didn't need such things as cars...I think it's time to pump up the tires on our vintage Schwinn's again! Maybe take a ride up the way and get something to put in my lovely creamers...

Do you have a cow creamer fascination too? I can't be alone in this adoration, right? What can't you resist collecting?

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