Thursday, August 12, 2010

Salsa Verde - in celebration of summer

Getting back to "normal" means getting back to preserving the harvest and preparing for our ever-long winters. Seems strange to say considering we are in the midst of one of the hottest, buggiest summers on record, but with the yin comes the yang and I expect winter will be the opposite swing of the pendulum.

Today's adventures in preserving came courtesy of a bundle of tomatillos.


And with tomatillos comes salsa verde. Lots and lots of salsa verde. Lucky for us it freezes well - and lucky for my husband it makes a lot of fresh enchiladas for dinner. Full and happy as ever!


Seems hardly time for the dog-days of summer to be ending, but they will, sooner than we can imagine.


As I look out the window at the school, busy with preparations and introduction night, I can hardly believe how fast summer has passed by and that school begins next week for some. Amazing how the days melt into minutes in our memories.

Oh well, carpe diem, I suppose. Off to brainstorm some low-budget date night ideas as a friend has graciously offered to watch Eh for us. Hurrah! Ideas are always welcome, otherwise the plan is a long walk and a longer talk - haven't done that for a while!

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