Friday, July 16, 2010

Small things aka Forgotten Friday

Lately, no idea why, I'm smitten with taking pictures of toys that have been loved but abandoned (be that for the day or a lifetime). There is something alive about a toy that has been used. Not to get all Velveteen Rabbit on you, and no, we don't need to go down that metaphorical sob-fest of a rabbit hole, but something once loved does seem to retain some of the luster of joy, does it not? And thus begins the Forgotten Friday series.

Hit the deck

And yes, I have to pick up all those cards every night. And no, I don't like those cards one bit anymore.

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Margaret Kulis said...

Tricia -- I have a couple of great old toys for you to consider -- remember pull along "Snoopy" with the red wheels?
--Margaret K.