Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love the local eggs

Em, the husband, went to pick up our CSA the other day and we got a little surprise with our share - eggs! I love fresh, local eggs.


I love the way they are all different sizes, sometimes different colors, a lovely ecclectic mix of shapes, colors, even patterns.


Of course I imagine some other farms offer a more consistent package (size-wise) but I like it this way. I like being able to open the package and say, mmm, "just a little egg", or "I'm starving, that one!"


What's even more wonderful is the way the humidity is playing with things lately. The moment I walk out the door my camera lens becomes a clouded over mess - but these eggs got a delightful sheen on them, little droplets of water arranged themselves just so.


Hurrah for eggs. I hope we get that surprise again sometime!

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