Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here Comes The Sun


Lesson of the year?

Nothing blooms where you plant it.

Sure, you might plant a tomato plant right there, in the middle of your garden, and it may grow there. You might harvest the tomatoes, put them in a sauce, pass them to a neighbor who just had a baby, or a bad day. You might put them in a tart for your husband or in a salad for yourself. The skins might go in the compost. But where did the little seed really bloom? Did it bloom when it made the flower that turned into the tomato? Did it bloom when it's victory fruit was lovingly passed along to make another's day brighter? Or did it achieve greatness in enriching the soil of the earth?

For some reason this year nearly nothing (other than vegetables) has grown, or bloomed, where the seed was planted. Things pop up in the dardest places. I have chamomile 20 feet from the box that was designated and sunflowers across a path from their place.

Nothing blooms where you plant it. Plant a seed of an idea and you never know when or where it will manifest. Plant a seed of hope and you never know who will take heart. Just plant your seeds lovingly and you never know where beauty may pop up.

Our lovely sunflower:




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