Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting a little perspective

I've been participating in the Shrimp Salad Circus "Get Perspective Project". It really is a project more than a contest, but, of course, ever competitive in nature, I couldn't help but want to be one of the few featured as the "winners" last week. It's ridiculous, I realize, especially in light of the fact that I joined for the creative challenge. I had to, as ever, reframe my objectives and move forward with a new perspective...a happy accident of the project's purpose on a larger scale.

Each installment features a single word as the focus/purpose. Participants submit a photo to the Flickr pool and shortly after the deadline Lindsay features 5 (or so) contributors and links their blog or etsy site. The second installment of the challenge is the word "tangled".

Here's my submission:


I'm not sure how I feel about this photo, to be honest. It's growing on me more and more. My first thoughts for "tangled" were; hair, spiderweb, grasses, cords, bedsheets...but I photographed them all and wasn't really thrilled. There was something too lackluster in the pictures. I'm not sure if it was my lack of emotion in relation to the subjects or what.

The ball you see was one of the decorations at our wedding. A smaller, more dense version of the same ball, glued to a similar napkin ring and cut through at the top served to hold our table markers/signs. It was a hardest problem to solve for our wedding creatively and the project that I was most proud of. Completely unnecessary? Probably. Totally unnoticeable? Probably that too. But for some reason I have an affinity for the solution and the structure.

Metaphorically speaking it makes sense that a tangled mess of a ball is a mainstay in a wedding. Truly that's what a wedding is in so many ways - both the entanglement of lives and families and the roundabout redundancy of life traditions. The entanglement of a marriage is truly a celebration of order in chaos, of all the wild and imperceptible life choices that somehow crash together in a union and grand decision of commitment (and I mean marriage in the larger sense here - both a legal union or a decided upon commitment).

So the wicker ball it is. Plus, it was a great subject to practice with. As many of you know I don't have a whole lot of fancy equipment. This was taken with a piece of scrap sintra my husband brought home from work, an open window, and a held breath (since every little thing made that ball roll away). The weather was overcast but bright so it was fun to experiment with light and angles.

A few other options I decided against:

Too um, grassy?

Too, um, metaphorical for the American political, economic and social state?

Too um, dense?

This installment of the Get Perspective Project ends August 1st - so hurry over and contribute if you'd like to join in the fun (here and here). Try to enjoy the process and not make it a competition though, ok?

One last one for you all - my first submission - for the word "gone":



L said...

oooo i love this project! i want in. :-) and your photos are spectacular. ;-)

also, can i pay you to fix my blog. lol but no, seriously. yours is a dream -- so it! :-)

Tricia said...

Leah - I wont lie, fixing the HTML, etc was um..."fun" haha.

I would LOVE to have you in - stay tuned too I have another place I contribute that I'm sure you would love!

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