Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheese m'petes!

So, I adore cheese - LOVE IT! I especially love local and American cheeses - 1) because the love and care in smaller batches is just better and 2) because it has a significantly lesser carbon footprint than others, distance-wise. Some of my favorites are below.


Our farmer's market has a great cheese monger (who, apparently, only exist at farmer's markets and as a delivery service in the off season. Who knew?). I somehow manage to miss the fresh made mozzarella nearly every week. Sigh. No matter, everything they offer is amazing.


This week we enjoyed the ever delicious Raspberry Bellavitano from the Wisconsin company Sartori - the cheese monger's site describes it like so: "To this eater it tastes like an Irish cheddar caught breakdancing with a young piece of asiago. Then they and the whole dance floor get soaked in a tart raspberry ale from the venerable New Glarus Brewery. Gently soaked though, cuz they were dancing really well." I would say that's about right - it's sharp and crumbly like an excellent parmesan but buttery and deep like a cheddar. It's so, so good.


Some favorites, in no particular order:

Rogue Creamery (especially: Smokey Blue, oh my goodness is this good - a more subtle flavor than most blue with smoky accents, yum!)

Black Star Farms (especially:Aged Raclette)

Cypress Grove Chevre (Try: Truffle Tremor, a Humbolt Fog made with truffles instead of ash!)

Cowgirl Creamery

Chapels Creamery

Beechers (especially: Flagship Reserve. They sell Mac & Cheese kits too!)

Estrella Family Creamery (especially: Caldwell Crik Chevrette, Dominoes, Darla)

Pholia Farms - who are OFF THE GRID! (especially: Elk Mountain)

Beehive Cheese Company (especially: Barely Buzzed Cheddar - hand rubber with lavender infused coffee from Colorado.

What's your favorite cheesy treat?

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