Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can you do it?

Forgive me for the utterly cheesy title - it's been clanging about in my head for days.

I only learned to can last year. I've been wanting to do it for ages but just never did. Finally, aided with a few ancient books from my grandmother and a new hot water bath canning set I made my first jams. Peach, to be exact. It was runny. It was very runny - but oh so delicious! It was nicknamed "liquid gold". I couldn't leave well enough alone and had to add my own twist - nutmeg.

A handful of recipes and oodles of research under my belt this year is significantly more productive. So far we're pretty set in the jam department - raspberry, peach spice, red currant, peach, raspberry...and blueberry sauce. See, berry flavors we've got covered. There are oodles more strawberries in the freezer awaiting their fate, whatever that may be.


The plain peach and blueberry sauce were only a few days ago. And this time...I added more peach juice to make it runny. On purpose. I like it that way.


I'm wary to make any edits to canning recipes - and not without justification - those canning books make you think that a few hours after you manage to pull your wagon into the mountains after decades in the plains that your whole family will die of botulism. So add enough lemon juice - make sure the acid is right!


Truly, there is more room for variation. And there are oodles of books. Plenty of room for improvising, research, and ideas. A friend of mine is prolific in her canning - I can't wait to get a picture of her cabinet someday - loaded with goodness! She's given me a Raspberry Chocolate Sauce recipe I can't wait to try (among other things!)

Next up? A Balsamic Fig Confit. Pickles. Pickles of all varieties!

Have you canned before? Did the books terrify you a bit? What's your favorite recipe?


Megan said...

Love you. I have never canned, but would love to learn. You know. In my infinite free time. :)

Tricia said...

This year you get a pass Meg - I'll send you something instead ;)

Jen H said...

LOVE the font in your labels! What is it?

Tricia said...

Hi Jen - It's La Portenia de la Boca (

1000+1 said...

so i randomly go through your archives and this 'cheesy' as you put it title gets my attention. well, hello fellow canner :)
i've been canning jam for the family for three years now (this season, 2011 will {i hope} be the 4th) and last year i have braved to can zucchini and yellow sumer squash ragout. it came out great, all finished months before new season comes. i have also tried spaghetti sauce when my roma tomatoes gave us a prolific harvest last summer. there's no substitute for good ol' home made!
pickles, however, was a fail. too much vinegar, i suppose. i'm going to try this year again, if the harvest permits…