Sunday, July 18, 2010

blog storming

* In honor to the title of this post and completely unrelated I will put gratuitous pictures of a recent storm we had. Why not?


I just did a blog's like brain storming, you know, only with blogs. And Flickr pools. And an open word document.


It's July. Christmas is coming up soon.

Yes. You heard me correctly. The holiday's are coming up fast and we've got to get on the ball.

Backtrack. So, at the expense of oversharing it goes like this: got married, got pregnant , got a house (I'm the American dream! ah hem, sarcasm and seriousness just fell out there), got a stay at home mom gig , which means got one income, which means things are, shall we say, tight sometimes. Not just my pants from baking too much, the budget too.


Cut to: Last holiday season we asked our families if we could do something different. No buying presents. Just making presents. Both my mom and my mother in law are artists. My father in law loves woodworking. My dad, well, he's a great cook. Why are we not sharing all this good stuff, right? My dear sister in law, while talented, is short on time so she gets a pass. So homemade Christmas/Holiday gifts/mahanakwankica doo dad's of joy/whatever was born.


End synopsis: We crafted our butts off. I baked up a storm. Made crazy things like all the components for a snowman and impenetrable boxes. Yes, really. Our families too - we got amazing handmade tote bags for the market, beautiful glass coasters, jewelry, bath salts and more and more and more. We all have a problem knowing when to stop but hey, that's ok! You know, aside from the shipping costs.

And. Everyone loved it. Did I mention loved it? Loved it. Loved making the stuff, loved getting it. More so than any other holiday we can remember. Gifts with actual thought and meaning? Crazy, right?


And thus homemade holidays are around the bend. While it was fun we also learned a bit about a thing called "time management". Which means, this year, while the bread may be baked at the end the rest will not be spread out, scattered, and schmeared all over our counters the day before we absolutely *must* ship and assembled, while lovingly, rather quickly. No. We will try to not repeat this trend. Go ahead, laugh now. I already am. I know us far too well.


So yes, over the past few days I have perused countless blogs, over 300 pages of the CRAFT community flickr account, and a basket full of magazines. I have ideas. So, so many ideas. Too many ideas. Such a shame, right? Yeah I know, shut it.

So many craft-ventures to come!

In the meantime though I'll show you a few inspirations and some of what we did last year. Stay turned. Or turned on. Whichever. Keep the light alive.

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